Wednesday's Hair Summit with Donald Trump behind him, GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry is back in New York City today to meet with 100 Hispanic business leaders in Inwood, including the head of the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers Fernando Mateo. "It's something that I kept pretty quiet, because I just wanted it to happen," Mateo tells 1010 WINS, "I don't know how 1010 WINS got a hold of the information, but you did, and I'm not going to deny it." Was it the bejazzled "Rick Perry" tube top? Mateo must be STOKED that they both support racial profiling. Maybe they'll get mani/pedis?

But the Good Looking Rascal wouldn't deign to visit this city of iniquity if there wasn't something else to sweeten the deal: he's also attending fundraisers during his two days in town. One is a $2,500/head event at a "secret" Fifth Avenue apartment, and will be attended by such luminaries as former New York businessman and GOP ATM Mallory Factor.

Factor wanted an appointment with the Bush administration during its first term, and was told "go out and raise $2 million for Senate candidates" and another $4 million two years later, but "The Bush people totally screwed him…he did all the things they told him to." a friend says." Aww. Don't worry Mallory, you weren't the only one screwed by Bush. Maybe he'll have more luck buying power from President Perry?

Remember, Rick: no funny stuff about Hispanics, and don't tell people back home where you just were. Or else.