Yesterday, Andrew Cuomo got a big thumbs up from former Mayor (and adversary) Ed Koch. Today, it was revealed that Cuomo has another Koch in his corner—billionaire and philanthropist David Koch, who is reportedly the Tea Party's biggest funder.

Koch, who is said to be worth around $21.5 billion, has donated more than $50,000 to Cuomo's gubernatorial campaign since last November, and his wife Julia Koch gave another $37,000. Recently, Forbes magazine named Koch the richest New Yorker, ahead of former holder Mayor Bloomberg. Although Koch and his brother have denied any affiliations with the Tea Party, many articles over the summer connected them together. For his part, Cuomo previously told reporters that the Tea Party has "extremist views" that have no place in NY politics.

At the very least, Paladino is probably feeling a little hurt today (maybe that's what the press conference is about: an airing of grievances! has Festivus arrived early this year?!) Look on the bright side Carl, you still have ex-Buffalo Bill Thurman Thomas in your corner! Oh, except he is currently only registered to vote in Florida. Womp womp.