This morning, a man identified as the brother of actor Richard Belzer was found dead in an Upper West Side building courtyard. The Daily News reports, "Belzer’s body was found at 6:45 a.m. in the courtyard of 250 W. 94th St., cops said. Visibly shaken building workers said they believe Belzer — who lived on the 11th floor — jumped from the roof of the 15-story high-rise called The Stanton."

Leonard Belzer was 73, and a building worker told the News, "I'm surprised. It's very sad," but added, "He was sick. He had health issues," while another worker said, "[He] had issues with his heart... I had to put him on a bus to the hospital a couple of times" and a third told the Post that he had stomach problems.

Belzer was also bereft after his wife, Emily Squires, the first female director for Sesame Street, died in 2012. He and Squires wrote a book called Spiritual Places In And Around New York City.

He once hosted a radio program called the Comedy Hour. Here's an interview he did with Bill Hicks: