Here's a real estate squabble for the story books—a rich developer's soon-to-be ex-wife is suing him for allegedly shrinking her apartment in the building he developed, down from a three-bedroom to a one-bedroom, ostensibly out of spite, and also to add more square footage to his (neighboring!) unit. The building is 432 Park Avenue, that shrinking one-bed is worth $14 million, and, yes, this is more or less the same plot as the acclaimed Arrested Development episode "Queen For A Day," except none of the parties involved are Liza Minelli.

Indeed, this ex-lovers' spat involves one Harry Macklowe—the 80-year-old real estate developer behind innovations like the General Motors building's Apple Cube and the aforementioned super-tall 432 Park—and his estranged wife, Linda Macklowe, whom Macklowe left for a new girlfriend last year.

Before the heartbreak, the Macklowes purchased adjacent units on 432 Park's 78th floor. But according to a suit filed by Linda Macklowe, as reported by The Real Deal, over the summer developers ended up changing the floorplan for her unit, shrinking it down to 1,766 square feet from 2,663 square feet and turning it into a one-bedroom instead of a three-bedroom. The extra space, the suit alleged, went toward Harry Macklowe's unit.

Linda Macklowe filed for divorce last year, and the couple are fighting over Harry Macklowe's alleged $1 billion in personal worth, with assets including a $41 million yacht and a $100 million apartment at the Plaza. Harry Macklowe's spokespeople allege that Linda Macklowe "has categorically stated that she did not want to live in, did not intend to live in and did not want to buy the apartment" at 432 Park, which makes sense, since living next to an ex is never fun. Still, stealing someone's floorspace is a pretty baller, if Very Rich Person, way to screw with an enemy.