The amateur video that shows the $2.1 million birthday party ex-Tyco CEO L. Dennis Kozlowski threw for his wife's 40th birthday, using Tyco money, not personal money, tells everyone something very clear: Some rich people are very tacky. Though this birthday was held in Rome Sardinia, apaprently the thing to do is recreate a Caesars Palace like atmosphere with men in gladiator wear and women in togas. Gothamist was going to say it seemed pretty gay, since it sort of looks like, from the Daily News's coverage, that some of the men were naked, but apparently they are wearing Speedos, which is gay in a Chippendales-way, not to mention the "cake shaped like a woman with exploding breasts," so we'll stick with tacky. One can only hope that jurors find Kozlowski not only guilty of "bilking Tyco's loan program of $170 million and swindling $430 million by selling artificially inflated Tyco stock" but of bad taste as well.