If you've been looking for a reason to laugh at the douchery of some of your fellow New Yorkers you need look no further than Guest of a Guest's awesome find of the day: TheNativeSociety, "a private membership organization and social network founded by native New Yorkers and their friends." From the horrific website "design" to 23-year-old founder Oliver Estreich's self-serving quotes ("We're like a traveling Soho House meets 740 Park Avenue," he said. "That's a good analogy."), this thing is pure gold.

Founded to bring together Estreich's friends who grew up in the city and went to private schools—you don't have to be rich! "We have some people who aren't like that."—the 170-odd member club-cum-social network looks exactly as bad as you hope it is. Check out the photo pages, events at car shows, and featured ladies, gents and couples. Magical.

But really, the fun comes when Estreich, who still lives at home with his parents and their dog and kind of reminds us of Matt Levine of the Eldridge, opens his mouth and says things like "It's really hard to get in because you have to be evaluated. You have to have the native sensibility. You have to have an understanding of culture, cars, fashion, people. It's kind of like: it's a mentality." And: "I majored in marketing and psychology, I like events. So I figured: combine all of it into one."

We have never before been so happy we know nothing about cars and went to public school. Anyway, you should check out the site sooner rather than later, because if any of these kids' parents have any sense, it'll all be behind passwords soon enough.