Billionaire Alki David is toying with the streaker who wants a million dollar reward for following his command to strip naked and turn himself into a living billboard for David's website, which is called or something. The desperate peon in question, Juan Rodriguez, insists he followed the rich man's instructions to a tee on Sunday when he streaked an Obama rally screaming the name of the website. But David says he's going to wait to see what the President of the United States has to say about the incident.

"We're waiting to hear from the president to see if he, in fact, saw Juan Rodriguez during the streaking challenge," David told The Post. "As soon as we get confirmation, we will make the payment. It's a lot of money. We're not going to give the money away lightly." But apparently elitist Obama has more important things to do than help a poor struggling naked man get out of poverty, and the White House says they'll have no comment on the incident. Which is tough luck for Rodriguez, because David's rules stipulated that the streaker must be within earshot of the president. Rodriguez says he spent $1,300 of his own money for the prank, "some of it on the specially designed tear-away T-shirt and shorts he wore," the Post reports.

Appearing on Good Day New York this morning, David hinted that in the end he might throw Rodriguez a bone. "We've been discussing the merits and deciding if he stuck by the rules. There's been such a good reaction to the whole events," David said. "I'm sure that in the next 48-hours you'll find a very, very positive and extremely happy result." We can just about guess what the happy result will be: David flies Rodriguez to his private island and gives him an hour head start before he starts hunting him from a helicopter with an assault rifle. If Rodriguez makes it through the night without getting gunned down or mauled to death by wild boars, he'll get his million (Taiwanese) dollars.