Julien Chabbott, the man who allegedly ran over an NYPD officer's foot with his Ferrari this summer as he was receiving a parking ticket, has finally caught a break from Life's cruel slings and arrows. The Daily News reports that the Manhattan DA's office has dropped felony assault charges against Chabbott. "The (officer) did not suffer fracture as a result [of the incident]," assistant DA Ariel Pizzitola said at a recent hearing, presumably before bursting into tears at the "grave injustice" done to Chabbott's $257,000 car by the officer's foot, and the "senseless barbarity" that the defendant experiences by having to go out with Stephanie Pratt, instead of an Alessandra Ambrosio or an Emma Stone.

Chabbott's defense attorney, Benjamin Brafman, who has also represented such indigent, helpless clients as Dominique Strauss-Khan and P. Diddy, said, "We're glad to see the case is moving in the right direction." Chabbott still faces misdemeanor assault charges, but Brafman told the Post he thinks they will be dropped. "We don't believe the officer was injured or that Mr. Chabbott was acting recklessly," Brafman said. The officer, Felix Recio, is still promising to sue Chabbott for $10 million for the bruises and swelling that resulted from the incident. Surely Officer Recio will accept a free subscription to Chabbott's "product," Line Snob, as a peace offering. Or maybe Recio needs something imported or exported?