Two housekeepers are out of work today after a melee at their paymaster's East 62nd Street home on Sunday morning. According to the Post, Amanda Tejada, 18, of New Jersey, and Marga Lecuona, 45, of Manhattan were charged with assault after police were called in to break up the fight. Both maids were employed by Sonnai Frock Rohrbeck, 64, the widow of late NBC-TV exec John Rohrbeck and an artist whose work has been commended as strongly "erotic."

It's unclear what role, if any, Rohrbeck's art played in Sunday's incident (were they fighting over whose turn it was to clean the giant rocking penis sculpture?), but the Post elaborates that Rohrbeck's late husband was forced out of NBC because "network execs were unhappy that his wife sold erotic art that included images of children." We don't know what that has to do with the housekeeper fight, but hey, naughty transgressive art! Where were we?

Oh yeah, a couple of maids got in a fight in a rich lady's house. The Post doesn't say what it was about, but the older one was cut up after falling or getting shoved into a window. The "raging older woman," for her part, "chucked a milk carton" at the teen maid, pulled her hair and punched her in the face. They got arrested, then canned. Rohrbeck tells the tabloid, "they cried and begged for their jobs back," but apparently not hard enough.