Perhaps now the residents of Gramercy Park will be able to get the bottom of the ongoing, very exciting, poop alley doggy doo doo incident! Because, sigh, the only remaining private park in Manhattan is adding its own "ring of steel"-like set of surveillance cameras to keep track of the riff-raff, DNAinfo reports. And all because one woman almost got mugged inside her doorman-less building (!) two Saturdays ago. After all, you can never have too much money or too many security cameras, just ask Ray Kelly!

It all started two Saturdays ago when "a man followed a female resident inside 38 Gramercy Park North and up to the building’s second floor," according to the police. The woman screamed, the perp ran, and nothing was stolen (his face was also caught on camera). But that got the Gramercy Park neighbors rattled, it seems. And so "The trustees of Gramercy Park decided to install security cameras around the historic green space, which is already guarded by a tall, wrought-iron fence topped with spires." The new cameras started going up last Tuesday.

According to Parks Trustee Arlete "Mayor of Gramercy Park" Harrison, the "goal is to get more eyes on the street. [Police Commissioner] Ray Kelly has said that [video surveillance] is so essential in crime fighting that I feel it’s almost an obligation for us to help the police. It’s also important to be a good neighbor," she added. "Our main mission is safety, security and quality of life."

We're sure part of the reason is safety and security, but something tells us that the neighbors' war against dog poop might also have something to do with his. Person who won't clean up after their puppy, look up! The fences have eyes!