2006_07_astorcover.jpgThe scandal over whether or not 104 year old philanthropist Brooke Astor is being denied a decent life by her son hits all the papers today. It turns out that Astor, whose grandson, Philip Marshall, accused his father, Anthony Marshall, of skimping on Astor's medical treatment and basic needs, has been taken to Lenox Hill Hospital for treatment, and is "improving" (overall, we suppose?). Neither Marshall has commented, but Anthony Marshall's friends deny that he's capable of making his mother sit in a urine-smelling couch and tatty nightgowns - he fought in World War II, was a CIA operative, and is now a Broadway producer. However, one of Astor's employees told reporters as she left the Park Avenue apartment building, "I think it’s great that the truth has finally come out." The Daily News, who broke the story, has five articles today, from explaining the history of the Astors to why she matters to New Yorkers.

If there's one good thing about the scandal, it's that the problem of elder abuse will get attention, as the NY Times has an article about how the elderly in classes can be at risk. Like the very young, the old can be too easily exploited and neglected.