Brianna LaHara, RIAA's Number One Enemy; Photo - Daily NewsNice work, RIAA. Your attempt to escalate the war on music piracy by filing lawsuits against 261 civilian file swappers has met its match: The New York tabloid news media. The Daily News and Post both feature one of the sued file-swappers - 12 year old Brianna LaHara. There is nothing the tabloids love more than stories about sweet, unassuming, "curly-haired," Catholic-school-attending girls who download "If You're Happy and You Know It" being bullied by annoying, out-of-touch industry organizations, especially ones who tell them, "Oh, my God, what's going to happen now? My stomach is all in knots."

RIAA's president Carey Sherman says, "Nobody likes playing the heavy and having to resort to litigation, but when your product is being regularly stolen, there comes a time when you have to take appropriate action," but Gothamist will side with LaHara's mother, who told the Daily News (after a reporter and photographer went to their apartment to inform them of the suit), "For crying out loud, she's just a child. This isn't like those people who say, 'My son is a good boy,' and he's holding a bloody knife. All we did was use a service." Blaming file swappers for the 30% downturn in the music industry is bull. Maybe they could stop making such crappy music.