Last year, Mary Richardson Kennedy, the estranged wife of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., hanged herself in an outbuilding of her Westchester County home. While Kennedy and his family mentioned her struggle with depression, her friends claimed that RFK Jr.'s behavior, especially his cheating, did not help. Now the Post reports that the scion of the Kennedy political dynasty actually kept a "sex diary" recounting numerous affairs and his guilt about being seduced by so many ladies.

The Post details:

A copy of the 398 pages, reviewed by The Post, details RFK Jr.’s daily activities, speeches, political activism and the lives of his six children in the year 2001. But they also record the names of women — with numbers from 1 to 10 next to each entry.

The codes corresponded to sexual acts, with 10 meaning intercourse, Mary told a confidant. There are 37 women named in the ledger, 16 of whom get 10s.

On Nov. 13, 2001, RFK Jr. records a triple play. The separate encounters — coded 10, 3 and 2 — occur the same day he attended a black-tie fund-raiser at the Waldorf-Astoria for Christopher Reeve’s charity, where he sat next to the paralyzed “Superman” star, magician David Blaine and comic Richard Belzer.

It was a hectic month for Kennedy, who traveled to ­Toronto, Louisiana and Washington, DC — and listed at least one woman’s name on 22 different dates, including 13 consecutive days...

Kennedy holds back on any detailed description of his conquests and bizarrely portrays himself as a kind of victim. He uses the word “mugged” as shorthand for being seduced.

“I narrowly escaped being mugged by a double team of [two women]. It was tempting but I prayed and God gave me the strength to say no,” he writes on Feb. 6. A few days later, on Valentine’s Day, he gives his pregnant wife orchids, he notes.

When the Post asked Kennedy about the diary, there was "six seconds of stunned silence" before he said, "I don’t think there is any way you could have a diary or journal of mine from 2001. I don’t have any comment on it. I have no diary from 2001."

There's one amusing point: RFK Jr. was jailed in July 2001, after protesting in Vieques, and he had a good time, "I’m so content here. I have to say it. There’s no women. I’m happy! Everybody here seems happy. It’s not ­misogyny. It’s the opposite! I love them too much."

Kennedy is now dating actress Cheryl Hines.