Whether you're a Jets fan, or a Jets hater, or a Jets player, or a former Jets player, or a Jets coach, things are tough. Things are apparently very tough for Rex Ryan right now: according to NFL reporter Jay Glazer, Ryan "told his players in team meeting last night that word on street is that he's getting fired and asked players to fight w him these last 2 weeks." Is this the end of the line for Sexy Rexy, or does he just need a god damn snack?

Earlier this week, Ryan was asked whether he thought he was the right man to lead the Jets beyond this season. “Of course, I believe it,” Ryan said. “No question, I believe it. There’s no doubt, but again I’d rather get out of this press conference and go to work. That’s how I feel about it.” There's been a lot of debate by sportswriters whether or not Ryan should get another shot—especially considering the messy quarterback situation that has plagued the team over the past two seasons (remember Tebow?), and the fact he's weathered a lot of injuries this year during a season everyone wrote off beforehand.

At the same time, the Jets are three years removed from their last playoff series. They went 8-8 in 2011, 6-10 in 2012, and are 6-8 so far this season, which is not a very promising record. There have been a whole lot of distracting controversies for the Jets on and off the field during his tenure (including, among other things, buttfumble, 'I have pretty feet,' Hard Knocks, that whole Tebow mess, and Dave & Buster's night).

And Ryan WOULD make an incredible color commentator/NFL broadcaster. But if he is fired, it seems more likely that he'd look for another head coaching job somewhere else in the league, or at worse, return to being a defensive coordinator, which everyone agrees he's still pretty great at. If only Rex hadn't lost all that weight, maybe the Jets would have won a Super Bowl by now.