2006_03_reward.jpgA $42,000 reward is being offered in the Imette St. Guillen murder case. John Jay College, where St. Guillen was pursuing a graduate degree in crimnology, is contributing $30,000 with $2,000 from the NYPD and $10,000 from the Mayor's Fund. The police are also looking at crimes committed outside of NYC, to see if the crime fits other patterns. The media reports that there is a lot of forensic evidence for the police to go through, but they are still trying to find the man who made the anonymous 911 call that tipped the police off to where her body lay in Brooklyn. The NY Post had the brief transcript of the call:

Operator: "Hello, 911."
Caller: "I think there's a body over at Fountain and Seaview."
Operator: "How do you know? What did you see?"
Caller: "It looks like a body. You should send someone to take a look at it."

WCBS 2 went the women of SoHo are scared route, and one woman said: "It was a wake up call for my parents. My mother's really scared now. As a New Yorker you always have to be careful." Why should it be only a wake-up call to parents now? New York is wonderful is so many ways, but it's hardly a utopia without crime. We just hope people actually do try to make safer decisions and not forget about this after a few weeks.