A cat on Long Island died earlier this week after some miserable P.O.S. shot the poor thing with a bow and arrow. Now the Suffolk County SPCA is offering a $2,000 reward to help track down and convict the kitty killer. Because seriously, who does that? This isn't The Hunger Games people and you aren't Hawkeye. Put the bow and arrow down!

The injured cat was found on a porch in Medford Tuesday night, according to Suffolk SPCA Chief Roy Gross. When SPCA officers came to pick the feline up it was so freaked it lashed out and bit one of them so hard they had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. Eventually the kitty was taken to the Brookhaven Animal Shelter for treatment but it was too late. It later succumbed to its injuries.

Anyone with information about the waste of sperm who shot this cat should call the SPCA at 631-382-7722. Between this and the alleged Brooklyn blowgun "dart boy" it has been a heck of a week for projectile violence.