So you know how a 500-pound bear was found in the basement of a Hopatcong, NJ home on Wednesday afternoon by the cable guy? Well, now it turns out the bear was living there for weeks and was getting ready for hibernation!

The cable guy scared the sleeping bear, who escaped the house and was eventually tracked down by Animal Control officers (it took hours to catch up with the bear and tranquilize him). But WCBS 2 reports the "officers believe the bear had been living in the basement for at least several weeks. The bear had fashioned a den of his own in the basement, bringing in twigs and leaves, in anticipation of a winter-long stay."

Homeowner Frank Annacone, 85, admitted he doesn't visit his basement and doesn't usually lock his basement door, so "it was probably slightly ajar, allowing the big bear to push his way inside." Annacone marveled, "I could have ended up lunch for that big guy!"