rain totalsInstead of morning rain and afternoon sun today will bring us the opposite pattern. We started off sunny but Gothamist sees the clouds beginning to move in. There's a chance of showers or possibly a thunderstorm later today but they shouldn't be as heavy as the downpours that have occurred the last two mornings.

The stagnant low pressure system that has been bothering everyone from Chicago eastward is finally moving out to sea. Temperatures will also be more seasonable today. Look for a slightly warmer version of today's weather tomorrow, and a slightly cooler version on Friday. Saturday will be a beautiful day for watching the Mets play the Yankees at Shea.

Have you seen the new Google Maps weather forecast mash-up? Called WeatherMole, it connects the familiar Google Maps with the National Weather Service's Digital Forecast Database. Click on any location in the lower 48 states or Hawaii and up pops a five-day forecast. You can also type in the name of your favorite city. WeatherMole runs off a Mac Mini that lives under the developer's bed! If only they could add current satellite or radar images. Still, this is good stuff!

1-week satellite estimates of rainfall from the Naval Research Labs.