daffodils in morningside park
Gothamist was driving across southwestern Kansas late last April. It was a hot day, temperatures were well into the 90s, so we stopped for ice cream in Syracuse, Kansas. We got to talking to the ice cream shop owner and when they found out we were from New York City they said "New York? You get lots of snow there don't you? We haven't had snow in five years." From what we saw that was true -southswestern Kansas was close to the center of the Dust Bowl in the 1930s, afterall. The ground was parched and a couple of times the wind blew great amounts of sand and dust a hundred feet or more into the air.

We were reminded of our stop in Kansas as we read stories about the 15-foot high snow drifts in western Kansas that have made roads impassible, requiring the National Guard to drop food for people and cattle by helicopter. The rain and snow western Kansas received last month was enough to upgrade their drought status from severe to moderate. We were also reminded of the story as we enjoyed having our lunch outside yesterday, and again this morning as we took pictures of the daffodils blooming in Morningside Park.

The latest date at which a trace or more snow has been observed during the winter season in Central Park is January 4th. That happened back in 1878. Skies should be clear today and tomorrow, with high temperatures in the mid-50s today and near 60 on Thursday, so that record from 1878 is as sure as broken. Rain is likely on Friday, but our high temperatures will remain around 60 for several days. It will cool off a bit on Sunday, but all indications are that the weather will stay abnormally warm for at least the next ten days.