Saturday's weekly meeting of Reverend Al Sharpton's National Action Network was a little extra spirited yesterday, the gathering being used as a birthday party for the Rev, who was turning 55. But the festive occasion didn't stop Bill Thompson from using it as a pitch to its attendees to make sure they lend a hand to a campaign that could use it. Thompson said, "We have 32 days until the election, 32 days. Over the next 32 days, I need each and everyone of you involved in the election, knocking on doors, grabbing your friends, saying to your neighbors, 'We can take this city back and put someone in City Hall who can stand up and fight for all of us.'" Hope he at least brought a card.

But if Thompson was potentially a buzzkill to the party mood, he had nothing on NAACP NY President Hazel Dukes. Dukes sounded like he wanted to turn the festivities into a roast when talking about big Democratic Comptroller primary winner John Liu. Dukes said to the crowd, "I see John Liu here - he's been the little Asian boy running around with us a long time [in] the NAACP. But Rev. [Sharpton], he was a good guy, so we said, 'Come on, come on, come on - we can make you what you want to be." Liu was seen laughing at the remark and a spokesman later made it seem like the councilman took it as nothing but poking fun.

NY1 notes that while Sharpton re-upped his ringing endorsement for Thompson, the reverend didn't drop the controller's name anywhere on his invitation, while he mentioned the 18 other officials who would be in attendance.