You can call him Al!Al Sharpton will host Saturday Night Live on December 6. This, plus Tucker Carlson's Esquire essay about visiting Africa wtih Sharpton, Cornel West, and some members of the Nation of Islam (Carlson finds himself actually liking Sharpton), is the mainstreaming of Al Sharpton. We can't wait for the sketch set at his beauty parlor where he gets coiffed. He will definitely be wearing curlers in his hair at some point.

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Margaret Carlson (no relation) says Tucker Carlson's essay is "smart and hilarious." Yes, Tucker Carlson calling Cornel West's ability to stay cool and crisp in the same suit and white shirt during a hot week in Africa "some sort of supernatural event, a low-grade miracle" is a hoot.

The musical guest will be Pink, further hope for Sharpton that the party will get started.