2005_05_sharptonfox.jpgReverend Al Sharpton went to Mexico City to pay a visit with President Vicente Fox, whose remarks saying that Mexicans take jobs "that not even blacks want to do" bristled many people. Sharpton told reporters, "I look forward to him coming to Harlem, but I absolutely will always, every time I see him, will say, 'You should apologize. You owe us an apology.' It was a very blunt meeting and we did not placate each other, but it was a good meeting." But there are conflicting reports about a future meeting: Sharpton says Fox visit him in Harlem, but the Daily News says that Fox's office denied he agreed to visit. Oh, man, Office of Vincent Fox, you clearly know very little about the Reverend Al. He will take you to town if you disagree with his side of the story. Fox's office said that Fox and Sharpton discussed civil rights and discrimination issues affecting both Mexicans and blacks. Plus, Sharpton gave Fox a copy of Crash to watch.

And Gothamist feels bad, but we totally thought about the SNL spoof of Sharpton and Fox's meeting when we saw this picture.

Photograph from AP