In the NY Times' inaugural "Ink" column, Reverend Al Sharpton discusses his new diet. And better yet, photographer Ruby Washington gets this hot picture (right) of the Reverend Al on a Swiss ball, doing crunches. Now, that is motivation for Gothamist to get jazzercised.

In more serious news, Sharpton has been asking people to stop listening to violent rap for 90 days, a ban to make people realize that this music only romanticizes crime. hip hop music points out there are already other grassroots movements around this issue and is surprised that Sharpton is going to ask the FCC to regulate music. Gothamist is not as surprised, because even though Sharpton seems mellower, he's still a master of the media, and would naturally look for ways to maximize publicity.

hip hop music posts a response from Davey D to Sharpton. And sort of relatedly, the Daily News' Errol Louis urges people to call up Hot 97 parent company Emmis Communications chairman Jeffrey Smulyan to complain about "the station's reliance on music that glorifies violence and contempt for women."