0807twright.jpgLast Friday, Rev. Timothy Wright, the pastor of the Grace Tabernacle Christian Center in Crown Heights, was critically injured in a car crash in Pennsylvania that fatally injured his wife and 14-year-old grandson.

As the pastor remains hospitalized at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA, NY1 is reporting that Wright's family has spoken out from their Long Island home. His five sons stated that their father knows of the death of his grandson, DJ, but not of the death of his wife, Betty. They are reportedly waiting for Wright to get stronger before breaking the news. As for the pastor's health, he is said to be slowly recovering.

"He's holding on," said his son David Wright. The pastor suffered extensive injuries, including a broken jaw. "He's conscious. He can't talk, but he can nod his head."

Wright, his wife and grandson were on I-80 in Pennsylvania when the crash occurred, traveling home from a gospel convention in Detroit.