The Post today has one of those stories that seems right out of that canceled-Fox drama 'Reunion.' In 1974 recent John Bronwe High School graduate Leslie Zaret was found strangled and naked in the PS 203 schoolyard in Bayside. "Her long-sleeved, flower-print blouse, bluejeans and beige platform shoes were neatly piled beside her." No arrests were ever made and the case seemed to slip away.

Until now.

Cold Case detectives are digging back in to the case after they were recently informed that Zaret was a topic of discussion at the class of 1970 thirty-year reunion in 2000. That fact set off bells for detectives who have now sent letters to the alumni who attended the reunion. "We want to know what was discussed," a detective told the Post. "Did they discuss a suspect? If so, who were they discussing?" In any event the letter was sent out because "this is on someone's mind, this is on someone's conscience."

We always like to hear when long dormant cases reopen and we hope the police solve this one!