2008_12_sale27.jpgBy all accounts, for any shoppers interested in buying during these tough times, do retailers have a deal for them! Apparently consumers spent 20% less on women's clothing, electronics and jewelry this month and last month versus the same period last year, so retailers slashed prices (holiday sales can make up 30-50% of their bottom lines). Retail industry analysts said the many deals will be found in "bundled" deals—like "Buy a laptop, get a free printer, ink cartridges — and paper." However, there was a bright spot for one retailer: Amazon.com said it had its best holiday season ever. The Wall Street Journal reports that on Amazon's biggest day, December 15, "it received more than 6.3 million orders, at a record pace of 72.9 items per second." The online retailer's big sellers between Nov. 15 and Dec. 19 include the Wii, Eyeclops night-vision goggles, a 52" Samsung plasma TV, Apple's 8GB iPod Touch, and the Acer 8.9" netbook.