Public restroom

Two Brooklyn City Council members are fighting for restroom equity, proposing that all new construction and renovation work (including auditoriums, stadiums, dance halls, and bars) would require more bathrooms for women, to alleviate the long lines. Their bill says, "Every woman can recall a situation when she has waited in a long line to use the bathroom while there was no line for a neighboring men's restroom. [T]he absence of sufficient women's bathrooms in many places of public assembly, and the resultant lines for women's bathrooms, is one of the most blatant, demeaning, and visible forms of gender discrimination in our society." States like California, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Washington have enacted restroom equity laws as well.

All this makes sense to Gothamist. Factor out the fact that women generally tend to be carrying children with them, factor out the bathroom gossip during a trip to the loo with girlfriends, simply consider the mere act of going number 1: Men can sidle up to a urinal, easy in, easy out; women have to deal with additional frictional time of taking care of possibly gross toilets, using toilet cover seats, using toilet paper... Sure, women make things into a production, but this is an important hygeinic production. And while it's nice that some men will stand watch for women to use their restrooms and some Broadway theaters will turn the men's rooms, but it's not that same.

Dr. Karl's Queueing Theory agrees that a 2 to 1 ratio of women's to men's toilets is best.