Unless you have a magical illegal parking placard, parking in this city sucks big time. It's bad enough that you're competing with thousands of other cranky drivers for metered spaces, but it turns out you may also be competing with restaurant valets in certain areas!

The Daily News discovered that valets at the Greek restaurant Telly's Taverna on 23rd Ave. in Astoria have been illegally using street parking spaces for its private valet service. Local residents say that the restaurant's valets use orange cones to reserve metered parking spots. The News also spotted another taverna close by, Stamatis Restaurant, doing the same thing. While many residents have been complaining for the last six month, some don't see the problem: "They are only doing it on Friday and Saturday night. These are small businesses and hardworking people. All the restaurants do it. It's really not a big deal," said one resident, who pointedly did not want to give his name.

That resident probably has never circled around the same four blocks for over an hour on a bitterly dark Friday night. This isn't the first cone-related parking rip off we've heard of: over the summer, Arnold Diaz caught one parking lot using DOT and DEP cones to block off metered spaces in order to sell the spots to desperate motorists. Have you seen any other instances of valets parking cars illegally on the street? Let us know so we can shame shame shame them!