2005_02_spencertunick.jpgOoh, could the hot thing in dining really be nude dining? The Daily News reported some nudists enjoy meals (but without a soup course) in the buff at a restaurant on West 38th. And they say that the city is losing its grit! A group of nudists meets once a month to have nude meals, which is totally The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie in Gothamist's book, and the meals have become very popular. Nude yoga, nude meals, what's next, nude commuting? We hope not, but if it meant a Spencer Tunick kind of world, maybe not so bad.

There is that indie movie, Naked in New York, but Gothamist doesn't really suggest it because there's some Eric Stoltz full-frontal. And for more about the naked life, read David Sedaris's Naked.

Photo in front of United Nations by Spencer Tunick