While Obama's overall approval ratings have jumped to 56% as of Monday morning following the death of Osama Bin Laden, Republican 2012 presidential hopefuls have already begun searching for a silver bullet with which to kill the Trump monster lining. "This is probably a wake-up call that the stakes of the game are very serious," Oklahoma Republican Congressman Tom Cole tells Politico. "If…we get a little more serious about what it takes to lead the country in the Oval Office, then that will be a really good thing." The question that the Cosi-guzzling Beltway penchewers are now asking: is it too late?

Politico goes on to describe the anticipation with which Republicans have been waiting for "mainstream Republicans," like Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels and former Ambassador Jon Huntsman (who Obama has called "my dear friend") to take the reins of a party that has so far been more about "clown candidates" than substance. Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia hopes that "the media will focus on the issues and not get distracted by distractions." Yes, that's exactly what will happen!

True, the poll noted that Obama's ratings on the economy remain stagnant, and that has always been the most reliable indicator for election results. And we'll admit it was deliciously symbolic when Obama's Bin Laden announcement broke into The Apprentice. But before the president released his long-form birth certificate, 45% of Republicans polled didn't believe he was born in the US. If they change the definition of "fringe" they'll be all set!