Gothamist is digging the look at the differences in politcal ass-kissing between our Mayor and our Governor differ by Jennifer Steinhauer in the NY Times today. Steinhauer describes the Bush administration as an "exhaust fan" that is pushing Bloomberg away while drawing Pataki in. Clearly, Bloomberg has the better end of the deal. There are a number of examples of Pataki supporting Bush, working the Republican party speaking circuit, while Bloomberg is happy to stay out of the Republican party fray. Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Governor Pataki accompanied Vice-President Dick Cheney to the Yankees game last night. Apparently Cheney invited Bloomberg to the baseball game, but the Mayor couldn't go - he was spending some time with a Bayside, Queens civic association. Bloomberg did spend a few minutes with Cheney asking for more security money for the city. While Cheney "did not write out a check," Bloomberg admitted that the Bush administration has recommended money to NY "unlike Congress." Oh, snap!

On the Cheney tip, Gothamist also whole-heartedly agrees with Jon Stewart's assessment on Larry King Live that Dick Cheney "honestly is the personification of a grumble. Like when he walks around -- Wilford Brimley is not that upset at the world." And Pataki is asking President Bush to use about $2 billion of unused September 11 funds (there's $2 billion in unused funds?) to build a city rail from downtown to JFK.