Get used to this logo, kids; we'll be seeing a lot of it next summer

The NYPD gears up for the Republican National Convention this summer: Police officers undergo a two-day training session on chemical, biological, and radiological attacks. The NYPD received $12 million in funding for the training, and 10,000 police officers will be trained, whereas before only special units were trained. Police Commissioner Kelly says, "My sense is we’re doing a lot more than other cities. I think we have to. Our belief is that the terrorists want to come back here. We’ve been attacked twice, and had three other planned attacks, so we have to be concerned about New York being targeted." Sigh. Thanks, Commissioner Kelly, for the buzz kill. You're totally right, it's not a bad idea being prepared. But it's still creepy.

Penn Station

In the meantime, there is some question about whether or not Penn Station will remain open during the convention (August 30 - September 2). Even though the city's goal is to keep subways and other modes of transport up, Penn Station may close for a few hours. The Times reports that North Station in Boston will close for the entire week of the Democratic Convention. While closing Penn Station sounds like a huge hassle, Gothamist has to agree that if it's for a few hours during the President's speech, as Mayor Bloomberg suggested, it's not that bad - streets are shut down and gridlocked for hours when he visits. Gothamist is sure the city will prepare people well in advance that they should not be going into Penn Station or near Madison Square Garden during certain times. But, man, let us book our vacation for that week.