Gothamist was wandering around the Mayor's website when we found this Republican National Convention FAQ. It lets you know things like what pedestrian traffic will be affected and whether there will be protests...which makes this is a site for people half-living under a rock. But we appreciate it anyway, because you know that we'll be calling 311 to complain about delegates being too noisy or protestors needing some deodorant. Some more of today's stories about the Republican Convention:
- You can see the NYC Host Committee commercial with Ed Koch talking about the city and yelling at an elephant parking himself on the street on Ad Age's website (registration required, but free). Former Mayor Koch also talks about pizza in front of Joe's on Bleecker.


- Police and firefighter unions are threatening to strike during the convention. The NY Times article compares the Mayor to Jessica Simpson, given the heckling firefighters and police officers:

"Mr. Bloomberg, looking chagrined at having to be handled like Jessica Simpson emerging from Madison Square Garden, was all but pushed into his sport utility vehicle by his security detail, which had driven it onto the curb to avoid the protesters in the street."

NO!!! Now Gothamist fears we will hear the Mayor warble "Take My Breath Away" at the convention.
- The City tells United for Peace and Justice to forget about Central Park and keep the protest on the West Side Highway.
- And the GOP and Democrats are trying to use NYC symbolism to their advantage for the election this fall. Brother, Gothamist would rather they deal with our terror funding now and stop using NYC as a pawn. When NYC gets used, we want to have a little fun, at least.

The NYC Host Committee website, NYC2004.org, where you can learn more about the convention.