Because it's been a while, here are some Republican Convention stories:

- New York City hospitals have been stocking up and running drills in anticipation of any sort of incidents they may need to respond to. It sounds like hospitals are going through the plans they put in place after September 11, which is scary and good. Gothamist hopes all they'll have to attend to is some dehydrated protestors and delegates, besides whatever heart problems Dick Cheney will have.
- Some state politicians may not be exempt from the big corporate bashes during the convention, which means they can't partake in some of the lavish events without paying a fine or something.
- Groups are working on figuring out the logistics of feeding the thousands of protestors that will descend in NYC for the convention; one group told protestors that they will "not starve in NYC" but to check out "New York's fine Dumpsters" if food runs out. One of the organizations is Foods Not Bombs, which doesn't offer an actual menu of food that will served but a menu of information.
- Much to the dismay of businesses that rely on daily shipments and their truckers, travel restrictions set up this week to address the terror warnings will continue through the convention (here's the NYPD's official traffic advisory). Has anyone tried FreshDirect in the past few days and experienced a delay?
- NY magazine had a funny and over-the-top piece about NYC seceding from the United States that starts off with a great Woody Allen/Alvy Singer line from Annie Hall ("Don’t you see? The rest of the country looks upon New York like we’re left-wing, communist, Jewish, homosexual pornographers. I think of us that way sometimes and I live here." which reminds Gothamist we need to see Annie Hall again) as well as an interview with Norman Mailer by his son. And NY magazine officially announced the not-so-secret plans for a daily during the Convention.


- The NY Times says Republican National Convention delegates have a list of banned items. Included on the banned list are strollers, umbrellas, and bottles of liquid, but bananas seem to be okay.
- Finally, Newsday has a good site that compiles articles about the Republican National Convention, complete with disturbing image of Photoshopped image of Bloomberg and Bush with Rockette-type dancers.

Check back with Gothamist, as we work on getting the inside scoop on the private parties and events being held, like batting practice with a NYC baseball star. And let us know if you're attending the convention and would like to help out with coverage.