After a semi-hysterical article this past weekend about how New Yorkers are fleeing town during the Republican Convention, the NY Times looks a new map of NYC to help out convention goers and protestors alike - complete with information about hotels where delegations are staying as well as bail bondsmen. Designed by Paul Chan, Nadxieli Mannello, and Joshua Breitbart (friend of Gothamist from Park Slope), "The People's Guide to the Republican National Convention" was designed "so that people have enough information to get in the way or out of the way." Excellent for all those New Yorkers who decided to stay in the city (are we naive, silly, or defiant?). Check out the People's Guide to the Republican National Convention at their site. The map is being distributed for free, but you can order them for $3 or as low as 50 cents if you order many.
- The Museum of the Moving Image has an exhibit of political advertising, from 1952 to present. Newsday has more details, but Gothamist wants to add that one of the curators, David Schwartz, looks a lot like Will Ferrell, so we always look forward to seeing him do a Q&A at one of their screenings, even if he doesn't ring a cowbell.
- Not In Our Name, a protest group, canvassed the Lower East Side, asking store owners to allow them to display posters that read "I Say No" - no to the Bush agenda, that is.
- NY magazine reveals what the Bush twins will be wearing at the convention; no word on where the Bush keg stand is going to be, though.