Well, it's over. Over over over. President Bush accepted the presidential nomination from the Republican party and gave a speech that, as the NY Times, Washington Post, and basically any other news organiation, was sweeping and grandiose, yet very short on the details, especially for domestic policy issues. It's what the election has been shaping up to be all along: Watching out for terrorism (here and abroad) vs. fixing America itself. Sure, on a very basic level, the speech was "rousing", but that's what any speech at a convention is supposed to be, and Bush had a team of speechwriters behind him and a crowd of adoring fans in front of him.

Governor George Pataki also spoke last night, which could set up an interesting battle between him and Giuliani for the ticket in 2008. Meh.

There were protesters outside Madison Square Garden, and Standard Deviance examines last night's protester inside the Convention; she also notes that many delegates are giving their credentials to people, with one even handing credentials over to a Daily News reporter (at an ice cream shop), saying, "Go have fun."

Check out these news sources for more convention wrap-up. Gothamist finds this Associated Press photo extremely exciting. And most importantly, go out and vote on November 2. You may not think your vote counts this year, but it does and it never hurts to get in the habit.