Wow, that Zell Miller is one angry angry guy. Gothamist wondered if he was going to pop a vein during his invective, and naturally, the crowd at the Republican National Convention ate it up. The best headline is the Post's Mad as Zell. Vice President Dick Cheney also took the stage; the NY Times notes that Cheney brought "charisma" but it was the kind of charisma one associates with plush, wood paneled boardrooms that plan world domination by sucking up all the world's natural resources... actually, we're thinking the meeting rooms from Austin Powers - Dick Cheney would be an excellent Dr. Evil. Honestly, we sort of tuned out during his speech - we got ill. For anyone who also got ill, here's the text.

For his part, the President watched the festivities from Elmhurst, Queens, where he accepted the endorsement of the city's firefighters' union. Notable was the Mayor's absence, but Mayor Bloomberg begged it off saying he had lots to do. Oh, Mayor B, did something "suddenly come up"?

Tonight Governor George "See Me In 2008" Pataki will speak before President Bush. Here's the schedule. And is it just us, or have you been totally overloaded by the convention since sometime last week?