The Republican National Convention opened yesterday with two of its more liberal politicians, Rudy Giuliani and Senator John McCain, taking the stage. Senator McCain, whose dalliances with the other side have confused the more right-leaning conservatives, won the affection of delegates by "mauling" Michael Moore, who was at the convention under the auspices of writing for USA Today. On the Today Show Tim Russert called Moore the GOP's favorite pinata; Moore, for his part, seemed to revel in the attention. Related: Analysis of Day 1 from NY Times and Washington Post says it's all about terror and September 11. And then there's the Republican Party platform (PDF) that's driven by the social conservatives in the party.

Former Mayor Ed Koch was also on hand yesterday, acting all goofy. Check this quote that Newsday picked up: "Never underestimate a mayor of New York. Some believe we have the powers of that young wizard Harry Potter. The current mayor uses them to make our city even greater." Whoa whoa whoa, Ed, don't bring the hocus-pocus to the GOP, okay? It freaks them out.

2040_08_rncharmon.jpgAlso, possibly the most attractive Republican couple, this side of a genetics lab, Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn, took the stage to introduce a war hero. Angie, Gothamist has to hand it to you: From Baywatch Nights to Law & Order and now this. Tonight will see another celebrity transformation, in the form of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Other speakers today: George P. Bush (hot nephew), Princella Smith (winner of MTV's Stand Up and Holla promotion), Elisabeth Hasselback (Survivor player, The View host) and Laura Bush (wife). Here's the complete schedule.