The lawsuit about how police will handle protesters at protests, with an eye to what happens at this summer's Republican National Convention, shows how police and protest groups are squabbling over what exactly the details will end up being. The Times reported that the NYPD wants to the option of four-sided barricades during this summer, aka "pens", in case of an emergency evacuation. Of course, the bigger issue is where a protest will take place - the police offered United for Peace and Justice an 11th Avenue march route, which would be out of the way of the convention, but United for Peace will propose 8th Avenue next. The lawsuit against the police was filed in response to three people who were injured by the police during the 2003 protests, in order to get the police to change their protest patrol tactics. At any rate, expect a protest on August 29, somewhere.


One of the big counter-convention events will be Imagine Festival, which will feature 100 events over six days, starting on August 28 (2 days before the convention), with each of the days focused on certain topics - Freedom, Community, Democracy, Justice, Prosperity, and the Future. The event will be kicked off by the premiere of Margaret Cho's "State of Emergency" tour at the Apollo; other events include a John Malpede’s Megaphone Project, which is a giant, working megaphone (from Creative Time) in Battery Park, pointed toward City Hall, and a staged reading of Electra, with Marisa Tomei and Kathleen Chalfant, followed by a talk about the play with Robert Thurman.