For crying out loud, some lady had to go into labor on the subway during rush hour this morning, tying up service on the L line. This better be one cute baby. We've gotten multiple reports that the L is held up because of the delivery. One tipster tells us the woman actually delivered at the First Avenue L station, and a Twitter user reports that she gave birth between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Another tweets, "Woman collapsed on the L train in front of me this AM in what appeared to be a seizure. I called the conductor to get help. Hope she is ok." And Red Cable chimes in, "Passed out pregnant woman @1ave. L train outta service. #MTA sux yet again. Lady I hope yer ok."

As a formality, we contacted NYC Transit for confirmation, since there's nothing on their Twitter yet. But we can certainly all agree that the baby should be named Elle if it's a girl and... El Tren if it's a boy. (Or maybe Elton?)

UPDATE: Here's the statement from NYC Transit, which suggests that the baby was not ultimately delivered on the L line: "Our Command Center tells me that at 9:22 a.m. a pregnant customer was removed from the 1st Avenue L station to Beth Israel Hospital."