After months (years?) of speculation, former mayor Rudy Giuliani is not going to run for governor—but will set his sights on the Senate seat now occupied by Kirsten Gillibrand, according to various media outlets that spoke to anonymous sources.

The NY Times reports, "His decision is a blow to many Republican leaders, who had viewed Mr. Giuliani as the strongest potential candidate in a year in which voter anger and anti-Albany sentiment appeared to be swelling." And the Daily News says, "'In the next 48 hours he will announce that he will not run for governor, but will run for the Senate,' said a source familiar with the thing of the former mayor and failed presidential candidate." Oh, Rick Lazio must be so happy!

However, the Post reports, "His longtime adviser recently publicly nixed the idea of Giuliani running for U.S. Senate, which GOP state chairman Ed Cox has suggested. But some Giuliani advisers, and many GOP political watchers, think it's a possibility to consider, especially if he wants to go after the presidency again in 2012." So, basically, Giuliani may or may not run for office next year.