The Nets seem to keep embracing Yogi Berra's immortal phrase, "It's déjà vu all over again." For the second time in the last seven months, the Brooklyn Nets have declared that they're done chasing after disgruntled superstar Dwight Howard. One Nets source told ESPN's Ian O'Connor, "They had 14 days to do something & didn't. We just had to move on." Dr. Ruth must be very upset she has no one to share a limo ride with now.

All this week, reports have circulated that the Nets had a four-team trade set up, between the Nets, Magic, Cleveland Cavaliers and LA Clippers, that could have led to a new superteam in Brooklyn. As of earlier today, the Nets were pushing to "resolve" the deal, and made a last ditch effort to persuade Orlando to pull the trigger on four future first-round picks, center Brook Lopez and power forward Kris Humphries in sign-and-trade deals.

Similarly, the Nets were engaged in "serious talks" for a four-team trade for Howard last which fell apart in the exact same manner as this one, with the Nets fed up with the Magic for stalling.

And with current center Brook Lopez being offered contracts from at least two other teams, the Nets had to act fast to secure him if the Howard deal was going to fall through. They couldn't keep waiting around—and instead told the Magic they were ending all trade talks. Coach Avery Johnson said, "We can't wait. We feel we're going to have a much more competitive team, and that's what we've building for."

As we noted on July 1st, when trade resumed after Howard declared Brooklyn his only trade destination, we've been down this road before, and we had a feeling we knew where it was going to end. Howard has one year left in Orlando, and has sworn he won't sign an extension with any other team if he's traded before then: "There's only one team on my list and if I don't get traded there, I'll play the season out and explore my free agency after that." Yay! We get to do this all over again in six-to-ten months!