The Knicks may have heralded its rehiring Isiah Thomas, its former GM and coach who left after a series of terrible decisions, with optimism but there's one important person reportedly fuming about Thomas' boomerang back to Madison Square Garden: Knicks president Donnie Walsh. The Daily News reports that Walsh "considered resigning" over the move while the Post says Walsh is "livid." And it seems like other Knicks executives were anti-Thomas as well!

Both papers say that Knicks owner James Dolan tried to get Walsh to hire Thomas as the team's general manager, but Walsh refused. According to the Post, "When Walsh told Thomas he objected, Thomas went back to Dolan, who still has a love affair with the Hall of Famer and seemingly is on a mission to rehab Thomas' image. Without Walsh's knowledge, Dolan and Thomas hatched a scheme in which Thomas could become a part-time consultant." However, the Daily News explains, "Besides Walsh and Knicks head coach Mike D'Antoni being against the move, Garden vice chairman Hank Ratner and Garden president Scott O'Neil voiced their displeasure but were overruled by Dolan, sources said." Also, at the end of the day, it's expected Thomas will make his way back as the GM.

The News details how Thomas apparently convinced Dolan that "Walsh and D'Antoni don't have street credibility with today's young NBA stars, their agents and their entourages." One source told the Post, "Donnie doesn't want him there, nobody wants him there but Dolan. Isiah seems to have Jim wrapped around his finger."