Photograph of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama at a June rally in Unity, NH by Elise Amendola/AP

In what might be the worst-kept secret ever, multiple media outlets are reporting that Senator Hillary Clinton will resign from the Senate to become Secretary of State in President-elect Barack Obama's cabinet. A top Clinton adviser says an announcement will come after Thanksgiving and added to Politico, "She knew this was the right thing to do but just needed to sit with it for a bit to make sure."

The Caucus points out that Obama's office said the nomination was "on track" yesterday while Clinton's people "only confirmed Friday afternoon that she has decided." Apparently Clinton was reassured after a second conversation with Obama because their meeting last week "was so general."

This comes after negotiations to have former President Bill Clinton disclose the donor list to his library and limit his public speeches. The Caucus also notes, "As secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton will have had a powerful platform to travel the world and help repair relations with other countries strained after eight years of President Bush’s policies. But at the same time, she will now have to subordinate her own agenda and ambitions to Mr. Obama’s and sacrifice the independence that comes with a Senate seat and the 18 million votes she collected during their arduous primary battle."