Please, please, let CNN consider former governor David Paterson or wily Republican operative Roger Stone as potential co-hosts: The rumors are rampant about the fate of CNN talk show Parker|Spitzer—namely, whether co-host Kathleen Parker will be around for much longer. The Wall Street Journal and Post both reports that the conservative columnist is on her way out, though a CNN spokeswoman says, "We aren't going to engage in speculation. The show continues to improve and we think it is a good addition to our lineup, providing smart, substantive analysis on the day's news." Well, after one review said it had the "queasy whiff of sulfur" there's nowhere to go but up, right?

The Post, which stoked the rumors of Parker being unhappy with the current situation (as in former governor Eliot Spitzer hogging the show) last month, speaks to "insiders" who say, "She's been openly threatening to quit," and "There is no doubt in the world they are going to replace her... It's beyond whispers -- it's a hot and heavy discussion." Apparently one frontrunner is former Fox News anchor E.D. Hill. You may remember her from such moments as calling President Obama and Michelle Obama's pre-Presidency fist bump a "terrorist fist jab":

At any rate, the Post's CNN sources say that the cable network loves Spitzer, no matter how terrible he was.