Of course: Mayor Bloomberg calls a reporter a disgrace one day, then on the following days, other reporters want to ask him about it on other days! In the days since Observer and PolitickerNY reporter Azi Paybarah's question about the Bloomberg's decision to overturn term limits was rebuffed by the mayor—who called Paybarah "a disgrace"—Bloomberg has been called third worst person in the world by Keith Olbermann, was described as reaching "new heights of peevishness" by the NY Times and, today, was asked by a Thomson-Reuters reporter, "Do you think it’s disgraceful for reporters in an open society to ask questions of people in power about their actions and motives?

Paybarah reports that the Mayor answered, “I think we’re beyond that. Let's get on to the next thing," (which is what he said yesterday to a similar question) before emphasizing his new strategy of answering campaign-related questions at campaign events. Still, Rafael Martinez-Alequin managed to toss out, "Do you know the meaning of the word ‘disgrace’ in Spanish?"

Today, the NY Times has a story on Bloomberg's very candid nature, which the mayor chalks up to, "I am 67 years old. I am who I am."