As expected, President Trump will return to New York City next week for "internal meetings." According to Politico, the President plans to spend three nights in his penthouse apartment in Trump Tower, his first visit "home" since the inauguration.

Per an itinerary shared with the NYPD, Trump will travel from his golf club in New Jersey to Trump Tower on Sunday, and will not return until Wednesday. This is only Trump's second trip back to New York since his inauguration. On his first, in May, he was greeted by hundreds of protestors and spent only a short period of time at a dinner reception onboard the Intrepid before flying back to New Jersey.

After the election, Trump reportedly considered splitting his time between Trump Tower and the White House, but he's since dropped that bid, despite allegedly calling the latter residence a "real dump" during a recent round of golf.

Trump's return will likely result in some traffic headaches and street closures around Midtown, so stay tuned; after he was elected, the NYPD and Secret Service set up white concrete barriers and other roadblocks around Trump Tower, though some of those have since been lifted. Last week, the Secret Service announced they were ditching their command post at Trump Tower, thanks to a rent dispute with the Trump Organization.

Regarding security measures, the NYPD told Politico in a statement, "The NYPD is prepared for any visit by the president and the First Family and continues to work closely with the U.S. Secret Service." Anyway, let's see if we even make it to Sunday.