The unemployment rate in New York City stands at around 9.5% as of last month, over 1% higher than the national rate of 8.2%. 172,000 of those folks are between the ages of 18 and 24 and aren't in school or working. The Center for an Urban Future released a report yesterday [pdf] that shows some sectors of the city's economy are actually hiring.

The Center found 26 different occupations in seven different employment sectors that could provide 26,000 jobs "without substantial educational and training requirements." Some of these are what you would expect (waiting tables, clerks, janitors) while others are hiring a function of our economy (debt collectors, customer service reps, patient care technician, paratransit drivers).

Many of these jobs are entry-level, but allow for the potential of advancement. For example, working as a paratransit driver for six to 12 months can qualify you as an airport shuttle driver, which then could lead to a job as a transit or intercity driver, which has a median salary of $50,900. Around 340 of those jobs are available every year.

Notably missing from the list: parental leech.