As Nazish Noorani's family mourns her death, NJ authorities say they will be making "significant developments" in their investigation of the 27-year-old mother-of-two's murder on a quiet street in Boonton. This comes as new details about Noorani's husband emerge, such as his arrest from six months ago for allegedly beating up a 20-year-old woman—and a Star-Ledger source says that the husband has admitted a role in her killing.

On Tuesday night, Noorani, a Pakistan immigrant, was shot in the heart while walking a few blocks between her sister's house to her parents' house. Her husband, Kashif Parvaiz, 26 was shot four times but survived, while their three-year-old son was unharmed (but "splattered in blood"); their five-year-old son was at Noorani's parents' house. Police think Noorani was targeted and have been looking at her husband's past and personal life.

Parvaiz, a Brooklyn native, told relatives he had a master's from Columbia (no record of him ever graduating there) and was attending Harvard for graduate school (no record of him there), which is why the young family took an apartment in East Boston. The Star-Ledger reports that it "obtained a police report from Boston showing that Parvaiz was arrested six months ago for allegedly assaulting a woman":

The report said that the woman, crying and having difficulty breathing, told police who arrived to Parvaiz’s East Boston apartment on Feb. 25 that Parvaiz slapped and pushed her and wouldn’t allow her to leave after an argument in which he accused her of "being unfaithful to him."
Parvaiz told police he didn’t slap the woman in the face or prevent her from leaving, but said they argued about her infidelity and he "may have accidentally pushed her."

Parvaiz was arraigned on assault and battery charges, but the charges were dropped five weeks later when the 20-year-old New York woman failed to show up for court, according to the Suffolk County, Mass., District Attorney's Office.

Noorani had allegedly texted a relative, "If you should find me dead someday... It was Kashi. He wants to kill me," and a Daily News police source said of Parvaiz, who ran a contracting company and told relatives he had a deal with Donald Trump "There's a lot of sketchy stuff about this guy."