Terror suspect Faisal Shahzad may have failed with his attempt to set of a car bomb in Times Square, but it turns out that the "Crossroads of the World" may not have been his only target. According to MyFoxNY, a source says "he was taking aim at four other high-profile targets: Rockefeller Center, Grand Central Terminal, the World Financial Center, and Connecticut-based defense contractor Sikorsky."

Rockefeller Center and Grand Central Terminal are both big hubs for tourists and/or commuters, while the World Financial Center is right by the World Trade Center site. Sikorsky makes U.S. military helicopters, such as the Blackhawk, and Shahzad lived in Shelton and Bridgeport, where Sikorsky has locations. "A source tells fox 5 that Shahzad says he had familiarized himself with all of these notable targets."

Former NY State homeland security adviser Michael Balboni said terrorists "want to maximize the exposure of the attack. So they want to pick things that are iconic that perhaps have a lot of people so they can increase the body count. Anything to make it as dramatic as possible."

Additionally, the MyFoxNY source claims that besides May 1, when Shahzad left his Nissan Pathfinder car bomb in Times Square, Shahzad also picked out May 8 as an alternate date: "We're told he picked those dates and the time of 6:30 pm for the attack after checking out live streaming video of 'Times Square ' online and he determined that 6:30 pm on Saturdays is when Times Square is the most crowded." And Shahzad allegedly gathered his supplies slowly so he wouldn't attracted attention.